Your positive footprint when choosing Las Balsas

We would like to share in detail your positive contribution to Patagonia, where you have decided to rest and enjoy unique experiences.

We propose an informative label that details how the value of your stay is made up and the contribution you make to the local economy through our team and local suppliers, the reinvestment of profits for improvements, and the contribution to charitable actions for the local community of Villa la Angostura


Within Las Balsas – a portion of the value of the internal stay of the company

32% of the value (100% to the local economy)
Las Balsas is a small hotel and restaurant with only 10 rooms. The staff is made up of 36 people, that is, 3.6 total employees per room. As a labor policy, stable and local work is promoted, where the vast majority are permanent residents of the town.

1% of the value (100% to the local economy)
Among various benefits for the staff of Las Balsas R&C, an important one is the financing of specializations and courses. This year we supported our new sommelier, a new gastronomic chef, and various trainings.

6% of the value (100% local)
Las Balsas R&C’s policy is to reinvest 100% of its profits in improving service provision and greater sustainable efficiency, including the installation of a sewage treatment plant designed to operate in Antarctica.

Outside Las Balsas – portion of the value of the stay outside the company

35% of the value (86% local)
A policy of preferring Local Suppliers and purchasing from Small and Family Businesses was proposed. Currently, 76% are within a radius of 100 km from the hotel and 86% of the total is purchased from them.

4% of the value (90% local)
From the income of your stay, periodic contributions are allocated to a community kitchen and to the NGO Aves Argentinas for nature conservation. An International Chess Tournament has been organized and financed to encourage activity and the local chess school is sponsored. In turn, by identifying the specific needs of non-profit organizations, various specific donations have been made.

Las Balsas R&C invites you to live unique experiences in Patagonia de Los Lagos and strengthen your positive contribution. For this, a special bond has been created with passionate local guides, who are ambassadors of Patagonia. In addition to providing opportunities for exceptional artisans and artists from the region, who exhibit their products at the hotel and are available for an exclusive personal chat.

NOTE: For more details, we invite you to request our Annual Sustainability Reports.

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An informative label that details how the value of your stay is made up and the contribution you make to the local economy through our team and local economy.

Diego Meier
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