sustainable lifestyle through the art of hospitality

our 4 pillars

Sustainable Hotel

The DNA of sustainability planned in the ecological hotel, with KM 0 cuisine with products from local producers and aretesanos that inspire guests.

Ecological Footprint

Leaving the minimum footprint is the objective, that is why we care about being Carbon Neutral and with a minimum water footprint, Zero Waste policy and energy efficiency.

Local Community

Being authentic hosts of our Patagonia, we are for our local community in Villa La Angostura and we work for the well-being of our staff.

Unique Biodiversity

We set out to conserve the nature that surrounds us because it is what gives us true meaning to what we do and what we are, which is why we added 15 hectares as a Nature Reserve.

New Sustainable Memory

Below you will find the main data collected from the second sustainable report that we published and by clicking on the button below, complete the form and download it.


We treat 100% of the gray and black water.


78% of our suppliers are from our area.


We convert 85% of our luminaire into LED


We compost 100% of our organic waste.


We implemented the Zero Waste policy and managed to reduce 50% of the waste we generate in one year.


At the close of the report we were 34 employees for the 10 hotel rooms. This is an average of 3.4 people per room.


On average, our team has been working at the hotel for 7.5 years. This gives us a total of 255 cumulative years of team experience.


Due to the incorporation of the Water Treatment Plant, we are obliged to use 100% of the cleaning products and amenities that are biodegradable.

positive actions

impact actions

Local Artisans

At Las Balsas we promote the sale and consumption of products from local artists and artisans as a genuine way of supporting the community and the history of the place. We invite you to learn about the work of Bea Taverna and her art throughout the hotel, Jorge Virasoro, who together with his son are recognized by UNESCO as incomparable cabinetmakers, with Claudia Caligaris, a textile artist who paints her silk scarves with natural inks, a unique artistic work on fabric. We are a community and we transfer the positive impact of our guests' visits to the community.

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New Membership

Red de Reservas Naturales de Aves Argentinas

After a long road, our Nature Reserve has become an official member of the "Red de Reservas Naturales" (Nature Reserve Network) of the historic 105-year-old naturalist organization Aves Argentinas. This implies a commitment from Las Balsas to protect the native forest of our 15 hectares and to be ambassadors for the conservation of our Patagonia.

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Carbon Footprint

zero carbon

In the month of July 2021, our Biologist in charge of the Sustainability project, Lic. Diego Meier, carried out the study on the carbon footprint between the months of June 2020 and May 2021. This technical study reveals that we set more than we we emit. Read the note in the link below and download the supporting technical report.

Somos Carbono Neutro

Sustainability Report

By completing your data, you will be able to access and download the Sustainable Report of Las Balsas Relais & Châteaux.


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