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Our Commitment

Be Sustainable

Our history, of a small hotel surrounded by nature, has given us an imprint of conscience regarding conserving our environment.

We understood the importance of incorporating the integral concept of sustainability, in all its variables, and it is currently integrated as a main axis in our 25-year planning ahead.

We implement projects aimed at developing the internal circular economy, caring for the environment and contributing to social development.


Carbon Neutral Footprint

Hostería Las Balsas, as the first Latin American member of the Relais & Châteaux association, the collection of the most refined hotels and restaurants in the world, located in the heart of Patagonia, is surrounded by 5 National Parks and in the context of a Biosphere Reserve declared by Unesco.

We have committed ourselves to a challenge towards sustainability in all its dimensions, in this context we set out to quantify our Carbon Footprint, as a baseline tool towards policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and more environmental awareness.


Nature Reserve & Trail

For almost 2 decades, we have acquired surrounding land, in order to protect natural environments, such as wetlands, forests and the lake shore.

A small nature interpretation trail in the nature reserve was designed and is under consolidation, with the primary objective of providing guests and employees with the possibility of having direct contact with the Patagonian landscape.


New Sewage Treatment Plant

We set ourselves as the minimum impact objective of sewage water footprint, to process and reuse at least 90% of the wastewater generated by our operation as a hotel and restaurant. For this we have built and inaugurated this year 2020, an advanced and oversized wastewater treatment plant. As the resulting products, water suitable for garden and orchard irrigation and deactivated mud to be used as compost.


Committed to the Planet

The Sustainable Development Goals are part of the Sustainable Development Agenda approved by the UN in September 2015 and involving 193 countries.

They consist of 17 Objectives with their respective goals that promote sustainability in the public and private spheres.

Our contribution is based on the following objectives:

Objetivos de Desarrollo Sustentable

Our garden

Seeking to reduce the carbon footprint and waste and, in turn, offer premium organic products to our guests, we are in the process of building a garden with a greenhouse and efficient composting of organic kitchen waste. This orchard, oversized for the consumption of the hotel, will have the surplus of production for the purposes of social impact.

Special ReportMarch 2020

Recycling & Waste Separation

We carry out a conscious practice on the separation of waste (Organic and Recyclable).
In the framework of a decision to reduce our waste footprint, this last year we have carried out a more exhaustive control over waste and established an average indicator for daily monitoring. In turn, these successive records will allow us to make a projection and control in future periods.

Special ReportMarch 2020

Social Impact

The actions of social impact on which we normally work on, we it is the link with the local, not only because 75% of our suppliers are from Villa La Angostura (our town), but also the invaluable work of the artisans and artists (painters, musicians, narrators and actors) with whom we work throughout the year, as well as highlighting the work of the families of the old former residents, their places and their customs. Also we are constantly attentive to the public infrastructure needs of our town, offering donations of computer equipment to schools, rehabilitation, computer and heating equipment to the local Hospital, economic donations and equipment to the Police, as well as economic donations to the Volunteer Firefighters.

Special ReportMarch 2020

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