A special program to experience Patagonia by Las Balsas

This 7-night program includes everything you need for a memorable stay

Welcomg Gin Tonic

The first impression always counts, that's why we await you with a welcome Gin Tonic by Bosque Craft Gin.

Gourmand Experience

To enjoy the tastes and flarvours of Patagonia the program includes for all the dinners a 3-course à la carte menu with non-alcoholic drinks included and a special gourmand experience (5-course menu) paired with Mendel Wines. The extra mile for you to enjoy the tea moment with our special "Brioche del Sur" experience.


The proposal includes a 50-minute massage for each one of you to enjoy during their stay.


Two half-day lake or mountain activities included for two people during the stay

Lake Sunset

With the imposing setting of Patagonia from the lake, we include a boat trip the magic hour of the sunset.

Let's think together the best way for you to enjoy our Summer Adventure in Patagonia

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