A place to live memorable moments in Patagonia.


The harmony of the place, the atmosphere, the incredible views and the cordiality and warmth of the attention are combined with the flavors of our local cuisine.


A cuisine that represents the local traditions in an environment that reflects the cultural diversity of our Patagonia.


As our chef Duvan says, it is through these local tastes that we celebrate the pleasure of sharing the regional cuisine of Patagonia with the nuances of the world.

"A man who does not feed on his dreams grows old soon"
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Chef's Proposal


special program

food & fun

Combine a full spa day with a special 5-course lunch paired with wines and enjoying an incredible view of the lake.

Wine Cellar, Wines & Tastings

Discover our cellar with more than 150 wine and sparkling wine labels. In stone and cypress, our cellar houses the best Argentine wines.

Daniela Scigliano, Sommelier at Las Balsas, invites you to enjoy tastings of wine and Gins from Argentina and the World. Only with reservations.


Gin Guided Tasting

A special tasting to enjoy the best Gin in the World

Epicurean Program

A 3-night getaway to travel through the flavors of Patagonia.