“We can say that we are really alive, only in those moments when our hearts are aware of our treasures” – Thornton Wilder (1897-1975


The French term "Concierge" was developed from the conjunction of "Compte de Cierges" who received the visit of the nobles in the castles of medieval times. You can recognize our Concierge through the golden keys on the lapel of his uniform. These crossed golden keys are the symbol of the organization "Clefs D'Or International". Sensible advice, anecdotes, clear instructions and, especially, careful listening will make our Concierge your best ally. He speaks English, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish fluently.


To enjoy Las Balsas is also to enjoy a unique destination, with a very particular magic, the imprint of a dazzling Patagonian scenario. Enjoy the nature, the lakes, the rivers and the mountains that surround us, know the fauna and flora typical of the Andean Patagonian forest in the hands of professional guides, friends of the house. To know Villa La Angostura from Las Balsas is to know it In Situ.


Path of interpretation of nature within the grounds of Las Balsas. The tour crosses a native forest with centenary specimens of Coihues, Cipreses and Radales, a Ñirantal and a Mallín. During the walk, birds, flora, fungi and other exclusive species from this region of the planet can surprise us.


Private sailing departing from the hotel’s pier with a fishing guide. We go through Nahuel Huapi Lake knowing its best places for fishing on board. Includes: Private browsing, Las Balsas´ gastronomy and wines. Lenght: 4 hours Consult for full-day departures.


Navigation departing from the hotel’s pier through the different bays of Lake Nahuel Huapi. This is an excellent alternative to get to know Lake Nahuel Huapi from inside and from another perspective. Always accompanying the trip with good wines to celebrate a beautiful moment.


There are surprising places that can only be visited on foot and this activity allows us to enjoy unique sites, to admire the silence and the landscape in unpopulated places. From short trips and low demand to full day trekking with a guide.

Sit on Top
+ Soft Trekking

Departing from Relais & Chateux Las Balsas, we will paddle on the Nahuel Huapi Lake in a sit on top kayak, which are very easy to use and safe. This activity is combined with a slight walk to also enjoy our forests

In the Andes

This is an excellent option to enjoy the snow and walk in the middle of the Andes Mountain on the border with Chile. After crossing a small lenga forest you will find the Milestone that marks the international boundary with Chile. From there you can access an incredible 360º panoramic view to enjoy.
Las Balsas Relais & Chateaux
Port Area / Historical Area
Quetrihué Peninsula / Los Arrayanes National Park
Laguna Verde / Selva Triste Circuit
Downtonw Area
Inacayal waterfall
Rio Bonito waterfalls
Correntoso Lake
Espejo Lake
Lago Nahuel Huapí
Ruta 40 – “7 Lagos” a San Martín de los Andes
Ruta 40 a San Carlos de Bariloche

Las Balsas all year

Spring -Summer

Spring arrives and flowers begin to appear. The days are getting longer. It is an excellent time to enjoy the lake and the mountain doing trekking, kayaking or mountain biking.

Autumn – Winter

Autumn arrives and the colors transform the place magically. The cool and the rain invite us to look inside. It is a very nice time to enjoy the snow, the warmth of the spa and the tastes and flavors of Patagonia in our Restaurant.


Transfers In & Out

Private service with reception of bilingual coordinator in the Airport for the “in” and the “out”. Accompaniment to the hotel and advice on activities and excursions to be made during the stay.

Car Rentals

From Las Balsas we can offer you the comfort of having your rental car available at the Bariloche Airport waiting for you.

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Adress: Cabellera de la Berenice 445, Q8407ZCA Villa La Angostura, Neuquén

Call: +54 0294 449-4308 Email: reservations@lasbalsas.com
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Adress: Cabellera de la Berenice 445, Q8407ZCA Villa La Angostura, Neuquén

Call: +54 0294 449-4308 Email: reservations@lasbalsas.com
© 2019 Las Balsas. CHILDREN POLICY +6