To give yourself a moment of peace and physical and spiritual calm, our team offers an interesting combination of massages and spa treatments for face and body in a unique environment. Our "Balsas" massage was specially designed to relax and relieve all the tensions of the whole body. As a holistic treatment this massage includes aromatherapy, reflexology, acupressure and lymphatic drainage".


50 minutes massage

Las Balsas - Massage

USD 90

This unique massage is the perfect combination between a relaxation massage and a deep tissue massage, with the right selection of pressures to be used and aromatherapy to create the right balance. This therapy begins with a welcome ritual.

Drenaje Linfático Vodder

USD 90

This is a technic made in full by hand with smooth, slow and continuous movements making the lymph circulate improving inflammations and retentions of organic liquids. This massage therapy is made with special creams and cold gels, to improve the lymph circulation and to eliminate all liquids retained by combining it with foot reflexology.

Masaje Oriental

USD 90

It's the perfect combination between Thai and Shiatzu therapies. It is performed by applying pressure with thumbs, hands, elbows, forearms and knees. ts an eastern millennial technic that balances the energy meridians, giving the sensation of freedom and harmony.

Ayurvedic Champi Massage

USD 90

Originally from India, the Ayurvedic Champi comes from Ayurveda medicine. The word Champi means "pressure" in English, friction within the head, this kind of massage takes care of the energy concentrated in the head. It begins in both arms up to the head; the areas will start having better blood circulation and will be free of stress. It is an extremely relaxing massage, working on arms, neck and the back of the head, with Indian essences and very specific and peaceful music.

Massage in the water

USD 105

The massage is made by stretching and moving the body in the water, it also works with the spine. It uses acupressure in the water, and relaxing moves within the flotation. It finishes with a 5 minutes harmonization with a Tibetan bawl. The massage is only performed at 10 am.
40 minutes massage

Massage in the water

USD 60

It is a massage to perform before or after a strong physical activity such as running in the mountains or a day of skiing. This sports massage is adjusted according to the guest's needs and focuses on the legs and back.
Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment

USD 60

Cleaning of the face (for both men and women), followed by an exfoliation treatment and subsequent application of a mask according to the type of skin, with relaxing movements, to achieve a smooth and renewed sensation on the face. Duration 40 minutes.

Facial treatment & Gua Sha

USD 80

After deeply cleansing the skin, we incorporate the Gua Sha technique to achieve a tightening effect on the muscles of the face. Thus improving blood circulation, eliminating toxins and relaxing the muscles. Duration 60 minutes.

Facial treatment & Kobido Massage

USD 80

With clean skin we begin with the movements of the Japanese massage giving luminosity, oxygenation, firming the skin, relaxing the facial muscles. Duration 60 minutes.

Facial treatment & Taping

USD 85

In this case, the treatment on the face is finished by applying the special elastic adhesive tapes for 20 minutes in order to stimulate the muscles of the face and reduce any type of inflammation. Duration 60 minutes.

General Terms

  • Please note that the duration of the massage is 50 minutes and then there is an extra 10 minutes relax to exit the massage room. After that, there is a 30 minute interval to sanitize the room for the next treatment.
  • All massages and treatments detailed on this site are not medical or therapeutic treatments.
  • The rates expressed on this page are in US DOLLARS. VAT included 21%.

Cancellation Policy

  • All massages and treatments canceled with less than 4 hours in advance will imply a penalty of 50% of the total reserved rate.
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