Integral Therapeutic Massage: This is a therapy for working the body generally both in a physical and emotional way. It’s a nice relaxing combination using different techniques, including reflexology, ayurveda, lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, etc. Designed to restore your body‘s natural state of vitality wellness. Duration: 50 minutes

Holistic Massage: This massage combines skills and techniques from past approaches (such as the ayurveda, the thai and shiatsu) with more modern approaches (such as swiss massage, lymphatic drainage and polarity therapy). this is complete body massage, where each area of the body is treated specifically, allowing the person to experience a deep state of wellbeing and unity. Duration: 50 minutes.

Balancing mud and essential oils massage: Added to the Integral Therapeutic Massage, this option includes a mud therapy together with the benefits of essential oil therapy, which will help you relieve away all your tension and stress from your mind and your body. Duration: 70 minutes.

Reflexology: Our feet contain various nerve endings and areas that reflect different organs of the body. through this technique these areas are unblocked allowing the organs to regain their normal function and harmonic balance. It can be combinated with a scrub. Duratión: 30 or 50 minutes.

Tired legs: Hand lymphatic drainage stimulates lymphatic flow, helps elimination of toxins and provides a better relaxation. Ideal for liquid retention, favouring blood flow and, at the same time, giving your legs a sense of freshness and lightness. Ideal treatment after a tiring day. Duratión: 50 minutes.

Anti Stress Massage: The traditional Indian massage balances the mind and body. It is stressing and relaxing. A pleasant journey to relaxation. This massage is complemented by the use of hot wet towels, they bring a sense of peace and serenity as well as detoxify, becoming an indispensable element along with essential oils. Duratión: 50 minutes.