How to get


From Buenos Aires, the main access to the region is through Bariloche’s International Airport. From there the road to Las Balsas is quite simple to follow. After leaving the airport you will follow the road that leaves from the parking lot and ends in the main road. This would be National route # 237. Here you need to make a right and go straight ahead for a few more kilometers. After crossing the Limay River (provincial limit) you will continue going forward (you will be seeing the lake on your left) when you come to a crossroads, you will have to make a left turn (National route # 40) and must go straight ahead for about 50 minutes.  You will see the lake on your left hand side for most of the way to Villa La Angostura. Once you reach “Villa La Angostura” (you will actually see a sign that reads “Bienvenidos a Villa La Angostura”) keep driving until you see on your right side a big sign for CERRO BAYO. At this moment you need to pay attention because a few meters ahead you will need to look on for a sign, on your left that says “Cabañas La Estancia” (approximatry at Km 59). Here you will make a left turn into a gravel road. Go straight ahead until you reach the end of the road where you will find a sign that says “Las Balsas” (blue and white sign) here you need to make a left. Again go straight ahead until you reach the next sign (that will be on left) where you will make a right hand turn, on the end of that road you will find our property.

You may use the map from Google to see how to get to Las Balsas from where you are in the case you have a mobile dispositive with GPS service.

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