Villa La Angostura is a small mountain village which has about 12,000 inhabitants, inserted in the middle of the first National Park of Argentina: PN Nahuel Huapi. Its buildings made of stone and wood, are in harmony with nature and have given a typical image of a mountain village with a stunning landscape of lush forests of aged coihues, lengas and ñires, with lakes and rivers of crystalline waters, with amazing colours and textures that dress the geography surrounding of this magical village. In the four seasons, Villa La Angostura offers a warm summer where the temperature ranges are between 10°C and 30°C (50F and 86F) and the climate is ideal to enjoy the mountains, the lakes, the beaches and a variety of water sports. The fall is very beautiful and calm, the vegetation shows its spectacular range of colours: ochre, yellow, red and the ever green. The temperature ranges are between 8°C and 20°C (46F and 68F). The winter is cold and humid, and the temperature ranges between -10°C and 14°C (14F and 57). Both in the mountains and in the Villa always look forward for snowfall, that allows the practice of skiing and snowboarding at Cerro Bayo. And last but not least, the Spring always surprises with a mild climate and a beautiful rebirth of the local flora (brooms, lupins, etc.) with their brighten colours. At this time the temperature is between 10°C and 22°C (50F and 72F) and the winds blow generally from quadrants O and NO in low intensity due to the protection afforded by the mountains.


To Buenos Aires: 1650km
To San Carlos de Bariloche: 83km
To Neuquén Capital: 400km
To the border with Chile (Samore): 45km
To Osorno, Chile: 150km
To Villa La Angostura town: 3km
To Cerro Bayo Ski Center: 7km


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