Las Balsas Spa offers a number of circuits through which you can enjoy our Spa in the most complete way, complemented by elements of nature along its route. All circuits combine different steps for water and steam and ending with an infusion circuit recovers and treats made.

  • 90’ Trip – Decontracting: This circuit begins directly with a relieving massage of 90 minutes and then pass through the various waters of the pool, jacuzzi, sauna and Scottish shower, and then end with a half hour back massage exclusively. It ends with a soothing infusion of ginger.
  • 90‘ Trip – Revitalizing: A journey of 90 minutes allowing you to revitalize mind and body along its route.
  • 90’ Trip – Relaxing: A circuit relaxing from start to finish. One step gentle and warm water. Another relaxing by the water with bubbles and the most temperance. Then steam frees the mind and skin of toxins. Finally water over hard relaxes. All this combination of steps prepares body and mind to a deep exfoliation and relaxing massage. It ends with a soothing infusion of Melissa.