A warm welcome

Helping to create a more human world

For more than 25 years here at Las Balsas we have strived to make our guests feel in a special place and we have achieved it through the art of hospitality.

We strive to create truly quality moments in a small, intimate setting.

This “art of hospitality” is not only part of our charm and character, it is at our core. It is the passion that unites us not as a team but as a family and drives us to provide a distinctive service.

It takes a lot of hard work to do something simple.

We seek to truly understand the underlying challenges and find elegant solutions to achieve Las Balsas’ core values, a perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication.

Las Balsas is the perfect taste of Patagonia. It is a connection with our environment, they are moments and it is a wonderful feeling of living your life to the fullest. It is human hospitality.

Welcome to Las Balsas.


Sebastián Tuvio
General Manager



Since the new Villas in our proposal, we began to think about what added value we can generate so that our guests can enjoy Las Balsas in the best way. That is why we add a lot of added value to the rates that are coming.

News about the rates & policies

New Children Policy

As of July 1, 2023, we change the age for children to enter the hotel. From now on, the policy goes from more than 6 years to more than 12 years.

Minimun Stay

Also from July 1st, we incorporate a minimum of 2 nights per reservation. This has to do with the inclusion of a lot of added value. In this way, visitors will be able to enjoy more and better the new services included in Las Balsas.


From 2018 to the present, the demand for the destination was modifying the marked seasonality that it had throughout the year. This is why we decided to adjust more to the reality that the destination proposes from these new seasons.

Now you can check availability online

Click on the button and access the online reservation system where you can get availability and your net rates, loading the access code that we provide in the “Special Codes & Rates” field.

Check Availability


You may send us an email to requesting the access code to the system or just complete the form below.

access code

We will send you the access code and a step-by-step presentation so that you can check availability and make the reservation from the same access.


Once you access the online booking portal, you must upload the 16-digit code in the “Specal Codes & Rate” field that is displayed when you click under the check-out date where it says “Promo Codes”.


“Create a more human world, being the perfect connection with the environment through hospitality.”


“Generate unforgettable moments by being the chosen hotel in Patagonia for its quality and excellence in service.”


“Enjoy what we do, generating satisfaction and surprise in those who choose us, having teamwork as the main pillar.”


“Be coherent and authentic, respecting others and ourselves, within the framework of truth and aligned with the philosophy of Las Balsas Relais & Châteaux.”


“Take into account the needs and feelings of our guests and colleagues with empathy and tolerance.”


“Commitment to offer a better service every day and improve our work day by day.”

VALUESTake care of nature

“We respect the earth and what it offers us, we take care of the environment and the environment that surrounds us. The landscape that surrounds us inspires us to work in harmony.”

VALUESHonor the Work

“We value our work, we are a team of upright people.”

VALUESLove details

“We are thoughtful, we entertain and surprise our guests with the details.”


“Each guest is unique, and we need creative minds that surprise them at all times, a team with intuition and imagination.”

VALUESPure elegance

“The elegance of the place stands out to us: internally for having a sophisticated and classic hotel and externally for being located in a strategic place in Villa la Angostura.”

VALUESLead in Trend

“Our path is aimed at creating a trend in the world of hospitality, both structurally and in the passion for what we do for our guests.”



As of January 10, we officially launch the marketing of the new Villas. 9 new units to market: 6 Single Villas, 2 Butterfly Villas and 1 Master Double Villa.

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